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Our Mission Links



CMS is a mission agency working in partnership with churches in Africa, Asia,
the Middle East and Europe. Established in 1799, the Society's goal remains the same -
to spread the Gospel to every part of the world.

For many years St Laurence's has had links with C.M.S. and other mission societies. In the late 80's Philip and Coral Pike from St Laurence's worked for C.M.S. in Uganda until the situation there made it unsafe for them to stay. Their daughter, Anna and her husband work in Mozambique (through the Leprosy Society).

On Sunday 20th June St Laurence's was pleased to welcome Andrew Wickens on leave from his mission work in Kenya. His wife, Catherine, and children Matthew and Caroline will be joining him soon for a well earned break. He visited our monthly Children's Service and shared with us some of the experiences of the children in Kenya. They don't have all the computers and toys and bikes which we have. If they want a toy they have to make it for themselves. Andrew also told us of the dangers of travelling on the over crowded mini-buses and how people say a prayer before boarding.

He again preached at St Laurence's main service and following this told us of his work at St Paul's college in Nairobi and of the education system in Kenya. Teaching on sex and awareness of H.I.V. etc. has been a taboo subject until now and Andrew is working on papers related to the subject. The slum areas are of great concern, some of them being bull-dozed to make way for a ring road around the city. Though their are Christians in the slums it is difficult to encourage the students from St Paul's to work in these areas.

Let us pray the C.M.S. prayer with the Wickens family in the hope that the seeds of their work may grow:

The CMS interchange prayer:
Lord, as you have entered into our life and death
and in all the world you call us into your death and risen life,
draw us now, we pray, by the power of your Spirit,
into an exchange of gifts and needs, joys and sorrows,
strength and weakness with your people everywhere;
that with them we may have grace to break through every barrier,
to make disciples of all nations
and to share the good news of your love with everyone for your glory's sake.

*NB Watch this space for more news on our Mission links. If you would like to join a rota to write to the Wickens family please give material to Bob Chapman at St Laurence's. Many thanks in anticipation of your contribution and prayers.

to find out how to contact Andrew Wickens



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